ResidentIal Services

IT Investigation & Data Recovery

We know that in some cases you need to feel that your data, and livly hood is safe. We provide a full IT invesigative and data recovery solutions. For any issues that my plague you we can provide relief. We do full security and personal investigation for thoes hidden activites on your system. If you are ever effect by loss of data we can also help in retreiving the most needed data from photo, docs, programgs, etc. ask for more information

Home Secuirty & Installations

We all need to feel safer at night and know that our home is safe as well. We provide a home security solution. And give you full access to monitor your home at all times and get alerts when you are not at home. Full installation included and walkthrough on how to use your new system. New to this service is the purchase of hidden camrea(s) for thoes places you need to secretly watch. 

Tranining & Walkthroughts

There are many new programs that are out in the market that can be usful to the every day person. However some are complex or have some much functionality it can be difficult to learn all of them. We provide one-on-one or group/team sessions that will go through whatever program or application you are having trouble with and give you the in's and out's to allow you to fully use your new investment to the fullest extent.

Mobile Monitoring

Life can be hard. And in these times we somtimes get the feeling that the people we trust may not be truthful. We offer a full mobile surveillance of smartphones for you to learn all the hidden secrets. We can provide evidence of all activity that may have been hidden from you, as well as know if your are being watched by others. Let us easy your mind and bring out the truth behind the screen.

System Repair

The thing about computer is that eventually they will break down. The cost of getting a new computer may not be in eveyeones pocket. We provide system repair and solution for any broken laptop, desktop, printer, etc. With mobile and tablet devices comming soon. Let us take the hassel out of getting a new system and fixing the one you have with out breaking the bank.

Custom Builds & Upgrades

Have you even seen all the spec when shopping for a computer. Sometimes they just do not meet your needs. We can fully build you a system of your dreams or upgrade the one you have. We have a hugh invitory of parts and upgrades that will allow us to build you what you are looking for, from personal computers, to laptop/notebook system, Gaming, and more.


Security is a big issue today. With new threats evey day it is hard to keep track with the latest and insure that there are no issue. We help with giving you the latest secuirty patches, work on mointoring your system and alert you once new threats and solution become avaibile. 

Personal Web Development

You may think that only major companies can afford web sites. However any one can. You can have them for any reason, events, personal blogs, weddings, personal advertising, and more. With us there is not a site will not help you create. You also have the option of getting a fully managed service for a low monthly price or a low development fee all under $100.