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GRAND OPENING: Welcome to our blog page

Welcome and thank you for checking us out. In this page we will bring you the latest news and tech information that may have impact on your busniess or you as a indiviudal. In addtion...

We may also have small sessions that can help you with new prodcuts included open source application walkthroughs and training. We are more than welcome to suggeste topics for us as we move to make this page more about you. Please insure to check out our YouTube page in the coming weeks for video walkthrough as well. All of this is free for all visitors. Please do not hesitate to ask us any question you have on any products or services we offer.


A little more about us. We are a new company that knows a little bit of everything about computer and the IT. We have services that range form busniess solutions, customer builds and installations, home security, web design and development, data investgiation and recovery, ect. We always will strive to provide you with the latest products at the cheapest prices. Most web compaines charge you $100 and even more to mange a site. With ad that you may or may not want on your site.

We take a differente approach. While we stay with the latest trends, in addtion we help you mange and place you sites online for people to find and locate. We provide you with monthly reports so you can see how you site is doing and how better to market yourslef better and increase your busniess. we do this all for under $100. There is not much we can not do for you and your busniess. If you do not see a product let us know what you are looking for and if we do not have exactly what you are looking we will build it for you via are application development department. Let us work together to help improve you busniess and reach your goals.