Mobile Monitoring Compare TAble 
Phone Call Recording­
­ Phone Call Interception­
­ Spycall ­
­ Environment Recording
­ Skype Call Recording ­
­ Facebook Call Recording­
­ Viber Call Recording­
Whatsapp Call recording­
LINE Call Recording­
Hangout Call Recording­
SMS keyword Deletion­
Spoof SMS
Visibility Option­ Visibility Option­
Whatsapp Messages­ Whatsapp Messages­
Whatsapp Call logs­ Whatsapp Call logs­
Facebook Messenger Messages­ Facebook Messenger Messages­
Facebook Call Logs­ Facebook Call Logs­
Viber Messages ­ Viber Messages ­
Viber Call Logs­ Viber Call Logs­
Hangouts Hangouts
Yahoo Messenger Yahoo Messenger
Telegram Telegram
LINE Messages­ LINE Messages­
LINE Call Logs LINE Call Logs
Skype Messages­ Skype Messages­
Skype Call Logs­ Skype Call Logs­
WeChat­ WeChat­
Kik Messenger­ Kik Messenger­
Tinder Tinder
Instagram Direct Messages­ Instagram Direct Messages­
Hike Messenger ­ Hike Messenger ­
Email Email
Application Screenshots­ Application Screenshots­
Keylogger Keylogger
SIM Changed Notifications­ SIM Changed Notifications­
Automatic Remote Updates­ Automatic Remote Updates­
Location Tracking (GPS) Location Tracking (GPS)
SMS Messages­ SMS Messages­
Call Logs Call Logs
Photos Photos
Videos Videos
Audio Files­ Audio Files­
Browsing activity­ Browsing activity­
Application Activity­ Application Activity­
Address Book­ Address Book­
Wallpaper Images­ Wallpaper Images­
Browser Bookmarks­ Browser Bookmarks­
Installed Applications­ Installed Applications­
Calendar Calendar
Free Updates­ Free Updates­
NOTE: The baisc featres are similar for both mobile and PC packages