About Us
We are a full ranged IT service provide for both small busniess and average consumer. We can work and provide for almost any type of IT need. All consultation are free and we strive to bring the IT world to you by mobile meeting and remote access so you never have to leave your place of busniess or home. One thing that we find is that many of the top pay copaines and solution only provide support for limtied time. We however believe while there are alwasy better improvments not every company or indiviudal can pay thoes extra cost for improvment. One of our key stances is we support the unsupported. When other componies drop support for your prodcut we assit in keeping a stable version of that product till you can afford a better implemtation or desiced to keep the product for the life of your company. Our experienced engineers always strive deliver the best results and provide the best solutions.
Why choose us
Quick solutions
Quick solutions
We offer quick solutions at the fraction of the cost most turn around on solutions is 72 hours in addition to door to door service
Low prices
Low prices
We offer the lowest prices in the city (most service(s) starting under $100) to make sure our services are accessible to anyone who needs us.
Excellent service
Excellent service
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction our uniqe system allows us to be a full costomizable bussiness and provide a unique customer expereince for every client
Residental Services

Residental Service

While we work on increasing our service and offer many, there are a set unique services we provide to Residental consumers. Some of these service include:
  1. IT Investigation & Data recovery
  2. Home Security & Installations
  3. Training and Walkthroughs
  4. Mobile Monitoring
  5. System Repair
  6. Custom Builds & Upgrages
  7. Security
  8. Personal Web Development  
While these are our main service for the Residental communinty NO service is off limit to any indiviudal or company